Grandiose Foolish Heart

Aine (pronounced “on-yah”) is our keeper puppy from our 2016 Tristan x Violet litter.

Aine has been shown on a very limited basis and has garnered a lot of compliments and admirers. She has been shown twice with points available and has been Reserve to the major, and WB/Best Bred By for her first points and on to a Bred By Group 2. Judges have been very complimentary of this young girl.

14 months (and naked!) in the Herding Bred By Group. She placed 2nd in this Group.

Aine 14 months

10.5 months


4 months

Aine (5).JPG

Aine 4 months (2)

7 weeks

White 7 weeks (2)

3 months

Aine (6)